Corporate values


    • Sincerity, transparency, integrity and trust

    • Respect for the Parties concerned  

    • Respect for the multinational culture
• Teamwork and job empowerment
• Responsibility, ownership and accountability
• Motivation and personal development
• Economic efficiency along with ultimate adherence to existing standards
• Continuous improvement and innovations
• Health Care and Safety
• Protection of the environment

Our employees are encouraged to adhere to these values and strive for excellence in them, discuss them with fellow workers and immediate supervisors and provide feedback to the company top management

Our assets



Own 4- level office building in the city of Atyrau

We are service providers for and have the working experience with the following companies: NCOC, ТCО, GATE Inshaat, ККС Sicim, КPО, КazТransОil, АМСТ, KazGPS, Samek International, S.ALEM construction and others. 

Quality Management System complies with applicable requirements of standard ISO 9001-2015

Environment Management System ISO 14001-2015



Have strong business links with design engineering companies in the ROK, CIS and far abroad.

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