New business endeavors of Caspy Engneering LLP

In order to keep up with the rapid development of the oil industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan, our company has focused on expanding the range of services. Successful development of new business services will be based on the 10-year experience, top class professional staff, new corporate management and project management initiatives and state-of-art software. 

Additionally, the company is currently working on hiring top professionals from the Kazakhstani oil regions such as Aktau, Atyrau, Uralsk, Aktobe and Kzylorda and expats from India, Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan.

Caspy Engineering LLP can offer a wide range of services such as:

  • Field exploration, assessment, infrastructure management
  • Geological evaluation of the licensed blocks
  • Independent reserves inventory evaluation using the RoK and international standards and regulatory approval;
  • Field geological modeling;
  • Field Hydrodynamic modeling
  • Exploration Planning and Design, field evaluation and development
  • Reports compilation and regulatory approval
  • Asset purchase/sale independent valuation
  • Well location and justification
  • Detailed designing for drilling exploratory, appraisal and production wells .
  • Field Infrastructure concept design including offshore facilities.
  • Offshore and onshore infrastructure engineering

 Oil and Gas Fields Integrated Operations Management

Every year, a number of transactions associated with oil and gas assets purchase and sale are held in Kazakhstan between national and international companies. New subsoil users, international in particular, experience certain issues managing the purchased assets due to shortage of qualified engineering resources, complicated regulatory documentation requirements for field exploration and development, issues associated with approval and execution of gas management programs, lack of information about the local services market and  oil and gas equipment market. In fact, all these issues are discouraging for investors as risks associated are high.

     There are no companies in Kazakhstan that can offer integrated field operations management services.

   Based on the long term experience and available well qualified oil and gas engineering resources in all disciplines, such as geology, production, exploration, infrastructure management, finance and economy, HSE, legal services and other, that have the working experience at various Kazakh oil and gas fields, such as Tengiz, Karachaganak, Uzen, Emba group of fields, Zhetybay, Kalamkas, Alibekmola, Kozhasay, Karatobe and etc. that differ by various geological conditions, reserves, stages of development, infrastructure, form of property and corporate management system, our company offers private subsoil users the services for fields integrated operations management at all stages of field exploration and development.

The service package includes the following:

– Key management and engineering personnel.

–  Development, regulatory approval and assurance of project documentation for field exploration, development and management.

– Subsoil user operations management, production target delivery, development and execution of wellwork plans.

–  Initiatives for cost effective field development.

–  Implementation of advance corporate management and project management systems.

–  Transparent management and regular reporting:

Here are the key initiatives aimed at increasing oil and gas production and cost efficiency of the field development operations:

–  Geological and hydrodynamic modeling of the field based on the seismic data and geological history.

 – Current field development assessment, planning and execution of geological engineering programs.

 –  New technologies for higher reservoir recovery.

 –  Capital and operating expenditure assessment and cost efficiency action planning and execution.

 –  Engineering evaluation of wells, and major overhaul and maintenance program development.

–   Evaluation of existing reservoir pressure management and efficient flooding program development and execution.

–    Effective and efficient management system for the operating company

–    Environmental engineering and design, rated for Category 1 Business Entities and other operations.

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