The service package includes the following:

  • Key management and engineering personnel.
  • Development, regulatory approval and assurance of project documentation for field exploration, development and management.
  • Subsoil user operations management, production target delivery, development and execution of wellwork plans.
  • Initiatives for cost effective field development.
  • Implementation of advance corporate management and project management systems.
  • Transparent management and regular reporting


Here are the key initiatives aimed at increasing oil and gas production and cost efficiency of the field development operations:

  • Geological and hydrodynamic modeling of the field based on the seismic data and geological history
  • Field development assessment, planning and execution of geological engineering programs.
  • New technologies for higher reservoir recovery.
  • Capital and operating expenditure assessment and cost efficiency action planning and execution.
  • Engineering evaluation of wells, and major overhaul and maintenance program development.
  • Evaluation of existing reservoir pressure management and efficient flooding program development and execution.
  • Effective and efficient management system for the operating companyй
  • Environmental engineering and design, rated for Category 1 Business Entities and other operations


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